Welcome to the glitter post!

18 Jul

Welcome to the glitter post,

To begin, how about  a little foray into the style stars that influence mine and others daily fashion choices!

Diane Kruger, chic style but not afraid to push the boundaries on the red carpet while always looking polished. Alexa Chung, london style, can be both androgynous and girly but always in a nonchalant fashion. Rachel Bilson, understated classic style, the ultimate casual style-icon. Chloe Sevigny, american punk mixed with Parisian style meets geek chic. Different styles by each style-maker but with the similar air of  ‘I just threw this together from my floordrobe’.*

*wardrobe of clothing on the floor (maybe not Diane!)

Enviable style…

The Glitter Post x


One Response to “Welcome to the glitter post!”

  1. grinsi August 12, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

    floordrobe 🙂
    never heard that bevore, but that would be me.. 😉
    it’s a nice choice of styles

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